I’m just a lil’ o day-dreaming, gum-chewing, smirk-giving newbie lil’ doc in her 2nd 3rd 4th 5th say what now year out of med school. Great interest in sharing her thoughts and musings, which of course ended up breathing life to this lil’ corner of mine!

lil’ whirlwind’s cartoon-ish take of herself

Been entertaining: any serious anime or manga | console games (especially the old Nintendo classics) | Warcraft (not so much nowadays) | classic cartoons (Speedy Gonzales/Road Runner/Thundercats/Merry Melodies/Silly Symphonies) | wicked witty cartoons of the new (Futurama/South Park) | soulful music | badminton | sketching | choice reading (Murphy’s law: why the toast always lands buttered side down/Darwin Awards – it’s a book that chronicles the natural selection towards a better human gene pool by true stories of selected beings who ended their shot via amazingly stupid exits/Uncle John’s bathroom reader series) | hot milk tea | fantastic Asian food | my messy room |

Guilty of: laziness | junk food | YouTube | over-sleeping | habitual procrastination | having multiple ambitions which are far and varied from each other which I doubt I will ever entertain seriously, such as being in the official top 10 rankings for Street Fighter III Evo Tournaments/being adept at wushu and some form of weapon training – nunchuks?/training to be one of the extraordinary ladder Warcraft gamers (Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft alike – just too time consuming) | grinning at the wrong time, wrong place | having overactive bowels in times of immense anxiety | imagining an alternate universe where I could seriously kick the butts of certain characters without any consequences | reflex brow-raising | toilet reading |


3 Responses to “who’s lil’ whirlwind?”

  1. princessGRET. said

    i think you’ve got character. HEES.

  2. Pila said

    Hi, just wondering, if you dont mind answering.
    What is it about medicine that kept you at it all these years?
    what medicine schools did you go to? and what as the experience like?
    Did you go to medicine school in the united states, and if you did, were you in a 7 year program?


    • Hello Pila,

      I did a 5-year undergraduate med course at an Oceanic med school (preceded by a year of pre-uni studies after finishing high school).

      The experience varies depending on which med school you go to, as they have different curriculum. In the pre-clinical years (the first 2 years), I was going through the basic medical science grounding (like Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Epidemiology, etc) and it more or less involved considerable amount of reading.

      Basic clinical skills were taught since year 1 and I find that it’s there where things start to come together. They give you cases where you integrate your knowledge and you start to see the big picture (where previously you’d identify your knowledge as separate subjects). The clinical years would see one doing more hands-on stuffs as you learn the simple procedures and hone your examination skills.

      Overall, med school was generally alright (although on and off you’d find yourself stuck with certain areas which you’re not so interested in – much like school) and the workload was fair given the nature of the course (formal workload pretty much depends on assignment requirements of the individual med school, this varies).

      As for what kept me in this field so far, I’ll have to say that I’m still very new to this field (only 2nd year out) so it’s quite early for me to tell (to be fair). I think having an interest in physiology helps, cause a lot of times a doc’s work involves a lot of ‘troubleshooting’ in terms of what went wrong.

      I feel that the experience tend to evolve as you mature more into the field due to the different job scope and priorities as you progress through the ranks. Juniors tend to do more of the clerical work and execution of tasks; the responsibility of decision-making gradually increases the more senior you are.

      That was my personal take, I hope the reply would be somewhat useful 🙂

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