A drop of peace.

May 24, 2015

Back to my little slice of zen.

Haven’t written for a quite a while. Work and training has kept me busy, and very often do I forget about this little corner of mine when there has been too many things swirling in my mind.

The older I become, the harder it is to retain the same sense of wonder that one used to have. Often we are caught up in the ways of the world that we are just rushing from one thing to the other; all for the sake of keeping up with everything around us. At what cost?

I had more zen back then. Life was simpler. Or it appeared simpler then. The escapist in me is wishing to break free in a parallel universe with no consequences just so I could be still in my thoughts.

My inner peace. Where time stood still.

*     *     *

“Peace comes from within, do not seek it without”

– Siddharta Gautama –

*     *     *