Winter chills.

May 11, 2011


Threw my blanket to the side and immediately made an ‘eek’ face. It’s freezing COLD. Told myself I could use another 5-10 minutes hiding under the blanket.


So much for 5-10 minutes. Jumped outta bed and put the water flask to boil. Kitchen floor feels like ice. Ran back in my pink checkered oversized pyjamas and sought refuge with the blanket again.


Made some Milo. Had breakfast drink in bed while having a quick surf for online news.


Glunked the Milo and jumped into the shower. Thank goodness for hot water.


Reaching deep into my pile of fresh laundry looking for some warm clothes to throw on. Have been putting off folding the laundry for a long time. Been spending every morning shoulder-deep in mound of clothes trying to find a complete pair of socks. Today is no different.


Arrived at work. Late again. Sneaked into the change room ninja-style to avoid looking guiltily late.


Said hello to the first patient of the day. Apologised for sounding like a frog in the morning. Made small talk to relax them and then disintegrate whatever composure they’ve attained by showing them the cannulation needle. Rinse and repeat with every patient. Whisk them off to theatre.


Lunch time. Too lazy to walk to the cafeteria. Made some toast in the pantry with loads of butter and sprinkled on some sugar. It’s raining now. Feels cold still. The clouds look grey and unwelcoming outside. Wonder if it’d get warmer by the time I get off work.


Said hello to the second bunch of patients. Unanimous decision that today is freezing. Started ranting about how hard it is to get up on time for work. Got patients to feel nice and warm being indoors before poking them. Smiles disappear fairly quickly when they see you with holding the needle.


Surprisingly finished work on time. Decided to go home and YouTube under the warm blanket to rejoice on this rare occasion.


Putting this entry up on the blog. Back into my pyjamas and clown socks. In bed with my laptop. Just had a nice hot dinner (minced chicken noodles!) and now savouring the feeling of being a lazy bum. It’s raining heavily outside and able to feel some slight chill emanating from the glass window.

Rain rain...

Decided to do a personal list on the few cons of having uncomfortably cold weather :-

1. It takes a lot of effort to leave the bed to go pee in the toilet in the middle of the night. When decidedly to do so, note that the decision comes after either an incredible amount of contemplation, or the risk of the exploding bladder.

2. Bed = comfort zone. Anywhere beyond is not.

3. Hearing rain pouring as you wake up. The thought of going to work on a cold wet day at 7am is as encouraging as being told you are first on the list for a rectal exam.

4. Constipation. I can feel a bowel motion coming on, but the everything clamps shut the moment I sit on the icy porcelain throne.

5. Ridiculously cold hands and feet.

6. Risk of head colds. Walking against the cold wind sometimes gives me this tight uncomfortable feeling across the forehead. Puts me in a prolonged frown with squinty eyes ala Clint Eastwood.

7. Perpetual state of extreme laziness. I have minimal motivation to move my bum anywhere. Just look at the state of my room.


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