Return of the lazy bum.

May 4, 2011

First rant of 2011, diligent eh?
You won’t believe what drove me to writing again. Uh, well actually I thought of doing so for a long time now just that I keep procrastinating. But in all honesty, it was triggered by the news of Osama bin Laden’s demise. Seriously.

But not like what you’d expect.

2 days ago. I recall running up the corridors outside of the operating theatres while hurriedly pulling the scrub balaclava over my head. There was an orthopaedics list going on and they usually insist on everyone having a balaclava to minimise the risk of infection.

I stuffed my previous usual scrub cap in my pocket (the one that looks like a shower cap) and thought, “Instead of being a mushroom head, now we all look like Osama bin Laden“.

A couple of hours later, I saw a few theatre staff gathering round the TV in the tea room. CNN was on and the breaking news tag line carried the words “Osama bin Laden dead”. I remember this was just a few minutes before the Barack Obama goes on air to give a public address.

My mind backtracked to how he came up in my thoughts just before. Didn’t expect him to be declared dead so shortly after. Was mentally reeling by the news. It was a strange feeling.

Then I thought, man, I really gotta get back to blogging.

*     *     *

So what’s everyone up to nowadays?

I am still quite the YouTube junkie. Most of my days off work were spent browsing YouTube for really random stuffs. Anything from how to prepare sashimi to catching up on The Apprentice to watching a tournament clip of a Street Fighter match.

Incoming mini rambling on work.

Work has been a major energy-drainer (those long hours sap the life outta you). Whatever free time I have are mainly utilised to pay off my sleep debt and to indulge the glutton in me. One of my terrible habits is being really prone to missing meals when I am at work. When it gets busy I’d tell myself to wait another hour (and another, and another…) before I run off to grab a bite – only to end up doing a 12 hour shift straight without any food in between. Feels like I’ve enrolled myself into an accidental weight loss program.

I wear scrubs at work nowadays and although it’s very comfortable, I now have the familiar phobia of my pants suddenly unraveling and dropping to my ankles without warning. They come in different rough sizes but they’re kinda big on average. There are days when I arrive a bit late to work (another one of my bad habits) and the small pants are all snapped up. Next up would of course be the medium sized ones which fit me as well as you could fit a primary school kid in maternity wear. I then end up looking like a wannabe rapper for the rest of the day.

Oh ya, the lanyards.

I dunno about the rest, but I believe I’ve stuck too many things unto my lanyard/ID tag.

Firstly there’s always the usual standard photo ID tag with a magnetic swipe card. Not only do I realise I smile like a monkey, now others can see that for themselves too. There is also an ID access card for another affiliated hospital which I have secured to lanyard so I don’t end up misplacing it. So that’s Monkey v2.0.

Next comes a stack of laminated quick-reference cards (like drug doses, therapeutic levels, protocols, yada yada) which I think I carry about 15-20 of them. They’re all of a different colour (some in neon!) which I would flick and flash them quickly to confuse/stun the kiddies when they’re not cooperating. Makes them think I’m from Sesame Street.

Attached to the clip of the tag are my locker keys and another one which I now can’t remember what it’s for (was obviously daydreaming during orientation). They each come with their own bright identifying keychains. I tinkle when I walk.

I have also clipped a penlight and incidentally a malfunctioning pen – hasn’t been quite right since I dropped it down the stairs – to the the lanyard. Sometimes a spare hairclip too. And yes, the bulky pager.

Collectively from all of the above, I suspect my entire lanyard weighs close to a kilo. It jiggles/rattles when I walk, and when I turn around quickly I’m at risk of injuring others. It swings out in a style reminiscent of cattle swatting flies with their tail.

Oh, and now it also can be used as a nunchuck.


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