The days when we’ve lost

August 22, 2010

This is one for the bad days that we all have experienced at some point or another.

Have you…

Ever felt like you’re in the wrong place?

Ever thought maybe you’re just not fitting in?

Ever felt that you are probably doing it all wrong?

Ever thought that you’re just not good enough?

Ever lost confidence in yourself?

Ever wondered, ‘why me’ ?

Ever wondered, ‘was it something that I had done/didn’t do’ ?

Ever felt as if it’s you against the entire world?

Ever thought ‘if things are alright then why do I feel like I’m still falling short’ ?

Ever felt so exhausted that you couldn’t see yourself keeping it up?

Ever doubted if you know what is it you wanted?

Ever felt that everyone else seems to have a clue except yourself?

Ever felt doubtful of the future?

Ever felt like escaping to someplace so nothing reaches you?

Ever wished for time to stand still until you’re prepared to move on?

Have you ever?

Then you’re human. Just like me.


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