This wasn’t intended as the subsequent post BUT I think it’s way too interesting to pass up.

It all started when my friend and I were taking a train towards the city for the annual motorshow/car expo. It was a pretty warm day so we were kinda relieved to have stepped into the conveniently air-conditioned train, especially after spending some time  under the sun waiting for one.

We both sat down and indulged in occasional banter in the interim. There was a moment when I was looking straight ahead into the next carriage; daydreaming aimlessly. My friend was right next to me gazing off through the carriage window; and then it happened.

As she was right next to me, she was somewhat visible within my peripheral vision. She appeared to be turning her head towards me (as if gazing beyond me) and suddenly I saw her quickly turning away very abruptly. It was almost like an invisible jolt which sent her head immediately towards the other direction.

I got a bit curious and looked at her; enquiring. Not too sure if there was something which really made her looked away suddenly or was it a brilliantly swift muscle spasm.

She leaned towards me slightly and murmured in a very low voice.

“I think that guy…isn’t wearing any underwear”.

Upon hearing such an interesting/shocking/amusing/thought-provoking revelation – I, of course, turned to take a look.

Ah, indeed.

Directly diagonally across where we sat, there was this elderly gentleman whom planted himself quite comfortably in his seat – legs fairly apart. I could obviously see the reason for his choice of attire (simple polo shirt and very short bermudas) as the weather was approaching 40 degrees Celcius…but oh my.

There was a unanimous decision (although just between the 2 of us) that either his pants were way too short for an outing, or there was a mistake/high-fashion decision on his part on the obvious absence of underpants.

My neck did a 180 degree turn away too; it was like a reflex. In that extremely brief glance that I took, I captured a glimpse of an appendage that was, um, dangling/hanging/peeping out/what-have-you out of his right trouser leg. To be honest, I knew it was part of his male reproductive organs just that I couldn’t be sure which one.

The following conversation then took place between my friend and I.

Me : Eh…I saw something. You think that’s the balls?

Her : Hmm…not too sure.

Being me, I just had to take another quick look. Just to be certain, you know?

Me : Uh, not sure. Colour doesn’t look quite right. I don’t think it’s usually that pink.

Her : I don’t know actually…*she was trying hard not to laugh*

Suddenly, she groaned quite audibly and sanked in her seat.

Me : Hmm?

Her : He lifted his legs. Now you can see everything.

The elderly gentleman had just hoisted both of his legs up unto the empty seats opposite him. Voila. There is no way you can’t tell for sure now because they’re all exposed in their own glory for a swift and sure identification.

Me : Wow, no kidding! *tries hard not to laugh too obviously*

Her : Oh man…

Me : Actually, how can he NOT know it’s showing? I mean…it’s even resting on the seat!

Well, my arguement here is if it’s gonna be grazing (and maybe getting a lil squashed) against the seat’s cushion…I thought he must at least felt SOMETHING.

Her : *trying very hard to look away and forced an interest in the view outside*

It was not easy trying to remain calm and keep a straight face during that train ride. My friend trained her gaze at the window but I could see her mouth scrunching up trying to contain her amusement. I had to pull my cap over my face so I could at least have some release by laughing behind a make-shift screen.

We did contemplate on what we should/could do. I recalled my friend bringing up the discussion on if we should let him know of this lil’ unintended (we perceived it to be unintended) exposure, but was quick to dismiss it when I told her there is no way I’d be walking up to him going “Excuse me sir, but your penis is showing”. Sometimes, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. 

Thankfully, the gent arrived at his intended destination and promptly stood up to leave as the train taxi-ed up the station. As quickly as it came into view, it went into hiding equally quick too. It’s almost like now you see me, now you don’t.

We both sighed with relief. Partly for ourselves; partly for him.

I hope he headed straight back home from when he left the train.

*     *     *


That was a long break wasn’t it?

I have been pretty busy late last year organising the events surrounding my convocation (took my family on a road trip, whee!) as well as changing place of residence. My new place didn’t have internet connection for a good 1-2 months so I guess that’s self-explanatory.

I’ve recently joined the working world and starting my career as a lil’ junior doc rostered with the psychiatric unit. Work has kept me fairly busy; suddenly it’s mostly eat/work/daydream/sleep and the cycle repeats throughout most of the week.

5 things I realised about not being a student:-

I no longer have the wonderful opportunity of catching up on sleep during the daytime. I can’t nap during lectures anymore because I no longer need to attend them.

There are no assignments or essays for me to do. Only:-

     Medication charts (what you wanna give ’em)

     Admission papers (why they are at where I am)

     Discharge papers (the ‘get out of jail free’ card)

     Transfer/referral papers (why they’d be better off being somewhere else)

     Medico-legal paperwork (for patients who are obviously very upset)

     Daily mini-stories for each patient (some call it progress report)

     Pathology request forms (what you’d like to…uh…extract)

     Imaging request forms (because Superman is on his annual leave)

     Procedural request forms (where you’d like to probe them)

     And many many more…

I don’t really have to count the hours till lunch break arrives because now it involves sneaking off somewhere to wolf down my lunch in 10 minutes. People often ask how long  our lunch breaks are and the best answer I can come up with is ‘as long as till I start feeling guilty for disappearing’. Trust me. Not easy to sit down and have a long quiet meal when your daily to-do list is swirling around in your head.

There is not a day that has gone by yet without me wondering if there’s anything I’ve forgotten to do or have done wrongly.  It can be anything from the reasonable:-

     Did I prescribe the correct dose?

     Have I checked his discharge documents?

     Did I affix the correct patient bradma to the correct form?

     Is there an important test I overlooked?

     Were his blood results really normal?

….to the ridiculous:-

     Did I stepped unto the patient’s urine?

     Now where did we put that stool sample?

     Was my zipper undone during the family meeting?

     Is that patient scratching his bum, or what?

     Did that guy whom just patted me on the shoulder…was the one scratching his bum earlier?

And finally, we don’t have to get all antsy about having our marks deducted due to our lesser moments because suddenly, it’s all coming out from your pay.

*     *     *     *     *

I’m back, folks. Stay tuned!