The Revelation

October 20, 2007

After spending half a decade wandering in med school, it now kinda feels something like this…

I see the light!

Suddenly, it all comes together.

Pre-med school, I thought…

…doctors are cool.

…medicine is a very noble profession where people alleviate suffering in the most direct and truest sense.

…I’m gonna bolt the moment I start dissecting cadavers.

…everyone would be incredibly busy.

…medicine is horrifyingly tough and scary, and I’d crap myself.

Post-med school, I now realise…

…doctors are plain weird…but nonetheless cool hah! *smirks*

…medicine is indeed a noble profession, but after sticking your finger in countless rectal examinations it reminds one that glamour is over-rated.

…I’m in awe of the human body; I didn’t run for the door when I was instructed to free a headless cadaver from the body bag during anatomy class. I remember looking under the metal table in search of the head. But then again, I have a misplaced sense of fear; my nerves react more towards living beings (e.g. my consultant, my examiner, traffic police, angry parent, etc.)

…everyone is incredibly busy sleeping. Especially me.

…after 5 years of study, it all comes together (somewhat!)…and I still crap myself from time to time.

I’m fairly certain there’s gonna be another list like this once I survive through my internship. Reality is a constant, and hopefully so would my half-baked sense of humour.

Stay tuned.



4 Responses to “The Revelation”

  1. Q said

    You aren’t afraid of something dead without its head and you even searched for the head?……well they can’t bite i guess o.O”

  2. Trouble-shooting mode on auto-pilot!hahaha!

    My first thought then was “Éh where’s the head?”. Me and the rest of my group promptly circled the table looking for it. It just looks ‘incomplete’ without the head.

    I think being trained to approach the situation from a scientific/medical point of view did de-mystify the scenario significantly.

  3. drew said

    hmmm…my very first cadaver was headless too!
    hey! it has been a while…how are u??? how’s the bum unit at dande??? it sounds like u had a good time doing PR exam =D
    i was at dande today for my plaster casting workshop…damn, forgot that u had your rotation there! otherwise, would have visited u!!!

  4. Hey drew, hello!

    How’s the bum unit? I guess I’m just currently ‘bumming’ around doing misc. stuffs (e.g. like waiting for something funny to happen so i could write about it hah!). Amazingly, each time when I stand in theatre watching an operation on the gut I would inevitably think of food. All that standing around makes me hungry.

    Anyway, best wishes on your coming exams!

    Feel free to gimme a ring when you wanna catch up =D

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