Suddenly it’s all comedy (II)

October 19, 2007

Con’t from previous post :-

Act #5

The grumpy head surgeon. I was forewarned of a particular Very Important Person whom is infamous of kicking juniors out of the operating theatre should they fail to answer his questions correctly. Most of his questions reflect his immense passion in Anatomy – and my memory/knowledge/guesses on the subject can be comparable to a píg’s ability to fly.

I thought, oh noes. I have entertained the idea of maybe sneaking into the operating room un-noticed and attempting to appear inconspicuous so as not to be called into the line of fire. But then again, it’s not fool-proof and in fact I foresee it failing so miserably – trying to blend into the white wall while donning all blue is akin to getting a Smurf remaining unseen while trekking across the Artic.

Ah, putting my lazy self aside I decided that this would be a good time to read up on my stuffs. It’s ultimately for my own benefit; the pursuit of higher knowledge as we so nobly call it as well as to perhaps alleviate the sudden urge to empty my bladder each time I see him entering the operating room.

Being in the Colorectal unit, everyone here is mainly interested in only the last 10 centimetres of bowel up from the anus. I am well aware that the butt is indeed a pretty celebrated region in the study of anatomy, but I must say I never pored over it as much as this before. Contrary to the notion that it’s “only 10 centimetres”, I’ve discovered that it is in fact a huge circus going on down there. I humbly bow to the various researchers /doctors/surgeons/what-not who’ve spent great amount of time unravelling the mysteries surrounding the last bit of our gut. Such dedication, such enthusiasm – hey I’m serious here!

Having laid out my plan (and life as it has always been), what if I still end up getting myself kicked out of the operating room?


I think I’ll head down to the cafe then to grab some milk tea and read the papers.

*   *   *

“Imagination is a quality given to man to compensate him for what he’s not, and a sense of humour provided to console him for what he is”

– Oscar Wilde –


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