In memory of a friend

July 11, 2007

I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday. I woke up, headed over to my desk as usual to check my emails and notices from the faculty. Instead of the usual, came a sombre announcement informing us all of the passing of our coursemate; a friend.

I haven’t seen him in half a year since the after-exams celebration last year. He was being his usual hilarious self – cracking jokes about the then exams with quick wit and humourous banter. Chirpy as usual, but physically different. It appeared to me as if he has lost some weight, but we’ve never really gotten round to the reason or cause behind the weight loss. Nevertheless, I remember we were all exchanging funny anecdotes about our experience with exams whilst enjoying a nice meal together as a group at a Chinese restaurant.

One day; half a year later, he was gone.

He suffered from a gastrointestinal ailment not too long ago and it necessitated surgical intervention. The procedure went not all that smooth and there appeared to be post-surgery complications. All of these were unknown to many of us until yesterday when we received news that he passed away overnight.

The news shed light on what has befallen him, but then came the darkness.

The news came as a shock to many. One day, he was just seated right with us chatting and entertaining – next thing you know, he’s no longer among us.

*says a prayer and takes a deep bow*

Rest In Peace, D. J.


One Response to “In memory of a friend”

  1. ki jin said

    I’m sorry to hear that.


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