A walk in the fridge

July 7, 2007

I’m currently having a head cold as I am writing this entry. It’s really cold out here as it’s winter…I just reached home from dinner and for a moment I couldn’t feel my fingers.

I really miss the warm weather back home. Some may argue that it is more bearable being in the extreme cold as opposed to extreme heat buuuuut I still say give me the warm weather back home anytime, man.

The few things which I don’t really like about being in the middle of winter:-

Being an obligate marshmallow. Unless I would like to come down with hypothermia under 5 minutes, I usually would need to keep myself nice and warm and it takes no less than at least 3 layers of thick clothing. Well they don’t all need to be thick but I dare say at least one of it is horrendously thick and heavy. But then again, rather look like a life-sized pastry than to turn blue in less than ten paces out of the house.

As a marshmallow, you can’t really do cartwheels. It’s not that easy to move under all that layers of clothing. Suddenly you’re reduced to being this inflexible person with limited range of movement. And the rustling the windbreaker/jumper/cardigan makes when you move, it could sound like you’ve stuffed plastic bags down every corner or seam of your attire.

Things get lost amongst the marshmallow. Assuming for each piece of clothing that I put on, they each have 2 pockets. Since I usually wear about 3 layers…so we say 6 pockets at least? (not counting the jeans/pants pockets). Being a pretty disorganised person, I’d usually stuff my items down any pocket that I could reach first when I’m in a hurry. The pain comes when I’d have to search for them in the middle of the cold outdoors. Suddenly the phone rings and I’d have to rummage every single pocket to look for it. Usually by the time I’ve found it, it’s already diverted to my voicemail…not to mention the time it took me to finally retrieve my phone would also be the same amount of time where everyone within 10 feet of me to have heard my Genbare Goemon (a Nintendo ninja game) music looping. Hahaha.

You start to sound like chipmunk on steroids. My teeth would chatter and it’d feel like they’re gonna fall off. Sometimes it’s almost like your entire jaw gets possessed out in the cold; your voice is not coming out properly cause you’re shivering your socks off and you start talking rapidly through your chattering teeth. It may sound funny but honestly, it’s not if you’re the one doing the talking. Your face freezes up and my facial expression when talking resembles some horrendously constipated person trying to converse in between attempts.

The agonising head cold. Imagine you’re travelling in between areas, so you’d be alternating between indoors and outdoors. This is usually where a head cold would just suddenly hit you out of the blue. The alternating sudden change in ambient temperature is enough to make the blood vessels in our heads go bonkers. They dilate when it’s warm; constrict when it’s cold. Put this two phenomenon on a repetitive loop in quick succession and voila you’ve got your head cold. It’s this tight feeling across your forehead that you can’t seem to shake it off. Almost like when the fabled Monkey King got his head all wound up by the golden headband as a punishment for bad behaviour.

Oversleeping season. The best thing to do on a winter’s day is to hide under the blanket and enjoy the warmth. That’s the ideal but of course, there is this thing known as work. I’d snooze for almost an hour (my very bad habit) before I actually feel any urgency to wake up, which is of course very disastrous as not every time I could safely say that one hour is the maximum amount of time when I’d snooze for (hehe!). So what did I do? I’d set my alarm one hour earlier so it seemed as if I “stole” an hour snoozing before I pop my bum outta bed. Funny stuff, I know.

Lack of sunlight. There are less daylight hours during the winter, and it could get pretty gloomy. Imagine I wake up real early in the morning to leave for the hospital, and often I don’t finish my day till the evening about 5pm. It’s dark when I start my day, and it’s dark too when I’m done. Oh man. It almost feels as though I’m doing some kinda night shift job. Not fun.

Having said all that, I don’t think I would have appreciated the warm weather back home this much if not for my exposure to the cold. Often we would not realise how much of the value we placed in something until it is taken away from us. Funny how we have to jump over the fence to start missing the side we all begin with. But hey, at least we know. It’s either this, or we may just keep taking our side for granted.

I’m missing my bermudas already.


One Response to “A walk in the fridge”

  1. Q said

    Oversleeping is definitely an issue when its cold but I am sure you will feel lethargic when its hot haha

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