Madness over, Paranoia begins

June 22, 2007

HAH finally the due date has passed for the submission of the internship applications.

The past few weeks were loaded with a huge amount of rushing left right and center to get my applications done. Suddenly I am writing my CV for the first time; suddenly I am writing my cover letters for the first time too.

A lot of hesitant steps were taken as I attempted both agendas. What kind of format? Must they all fit within a fixed amount of pages? Double spacing? What about the content? Do I take the subtle passive route, do I take the controlled and moderated approach to presenting myself, or do I go all out and pen down whatever amount of “awesomeness” in my paperwork (after all, the purpose of a CV/cover letter is for the prospective employer to gauge how good we are supposedly). Needless to say, I took the middle way. I find the first method of the three not very distinguishing, where as the third mentioned aggressive self-selling method can be a bit too much – too easily overboard; almost as there’s this not-so subliminal message screaming “Super Intern Material, coming to hospitals near you”.


Not to mention that I have to make sure that I sent the correct cover letter to the designated employer that it is addressed to. It’s not very impressive nor is it very endearing to have one of your prospective employers reading about how wonderful the OTHER prospective employer is. That would be the first step to career suicide.

I remember spending a number of late nights reading and re-reading my CV and cover letter. Not that I am trying to be a perfectionist, but I’m a total newbie so there is this feeling of initial apprehension and a huge amount of uncertainty. So it’s one step at a time with almost nothing to lose at this point.

Now the paranoia.

Since it’s all submitted, here comes the “Did I submit it correctly?”, “Did I mix up anything?”, “What if it got bounced back and I didn’t know?”, so on and so forth. Well, it’s not really a huge concern weighing in my lil’ head but on and off it happens. As quickly as it appears, it disappears just as quickly. More like random transient mini job-associated paranoia of a newbie.

Nevertheless, I am taking a break for this few weeks. About time to rest up properly and feed myself with nice home-cooked food (weaning off fast food). The intervals between my posts within this 2-3 weeks would be stretched a little longer than the usual; partly owing to the current instability in the internet connection and also my daily dates with the Nintendo Wii. The new Ninja Turtles game is really cool (although my lil’ bro claims that Zelda is a better game, to which I agree in terms of playability and game lifespan). But controlling masked turtles and scaling buildings while wielding nun-chucks is an image of extreme coolness.

Alrighty folks, I hope my internet connection improves. Getting disconnected every 5 minutes is highly discouraging to anyone.

Curtain call for now. Coolness awaits *grins*


3 Responses to “Madness over, Paranoia begins”

  1. Q said

    Well you can choose the third option if you know you can do what you mention in your CV. About the Wii….the only reason i would get it is just for Zelda like your brother

  2. Nintendo is bringing their old classic games to be downloadable to the Wii console. I remember there were many good old SNES games which I would like to see again on the Wii. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful creations, as with Metroid, Secret of Mana, and Goemon.

    The Wii is still relatively new and currently Zelda’s Twilight Princess is its forerunner. I hope to see the new Metroid and Goemon soon. These are the games that I feel you can’t find it or any other console.

    There was a time where Sony was really huge with their Playstations, with a significant chunk of the hype generated for the console is due to Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy series. But with the new generation of consoles (Xbox, PS2/3, etc), somehow most of them are so keen in showcasing their new graphics engine that they compromised their playability.

    My brother didn’t get the Wii solely for Zelda. To be accurate, my dad got the Wii cause he knew the classic SNES games would be revamped and upped on the Wii. Those were the games my family grew up with.

    Have you tried a Wii lately? The cordless remote is AMAZINGLY sensitive.

  3. Q said

    Unfortunately no i havent tried a Wii lately. Enjoy your Wii and sorry i forgot to mention the metroid series and even resident evil.

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