The man behind the mask

May 20, 2007

Sunlight peeked from between the frames,
In the dark room a figure hastened,
Every step he took was sure and the same,
Another self he must adorn for the world beckoned

In the mirror he saw, stood he
Fingers of his hand traced his face,
wondered when will it be truly just me?
As the other hand moved towards an ivory case

A slight creaked escaped as the top unfolds,
And a weary hand slipped inside,
Out came a mask for his face to behold,
Obscuring everything save for his sight

Glancing at the mirror once again,
When he tranforms into another self,
A carved and painted smile to hide his pain,
As he secures its strings with familiar stealth

Out on the velvet stage he takes his step,
Soft theatre lights caressed the porcelain mask,
Inside his chained soul the tears were wept,
But to the world the frozen smile is all they ask

Who is the man behind the smile?
Whose smile we could see but could not feel,
Who enliven the figure beneath it all,
Whose moving presence is real, yet so unreal

He takes a bow; they smiled in recognition,
The show is over and the curtains are in motion,
As the world marvelled at his stage impression,
Am I the pawn of my own creation?

Once again at the end of the created dream,
A gloved hand closed upon the facade,
With a swift move the eternal smile left him,
An animated face lives behind the art

In the mirror again, stood a worn he
But different is he after the thousandth view
His spirit now lost and no longer free
As the cold mask becomes the face it holds true


-The man behind the mask by lil’ whirlwind


Some act to live, some act to please, some act to spite, and some act to survive. So deep we may be with the stage till we lose ourselves within. The curtains vanish until we find ourselves again for that is when we remove our masks and call it a day; take a bow and truly smile for yourself.


5 Responses to “The man behind the mask”

  1. Ah Bok said

    Lovely lovely description of how for each and everyone of us, the world is just a stage where we show everything and anything but our ownself! The world will be that much lovelier and that much more certain if we can only show our true self……or will it?

    I never knew that you possess such literary talent! What other talents have you got that have yet to make themsselves felt?

  2. Faking other talents! 😀

  3. drew said

    finally, your avatar is revealed =)

  4. kj said

    nice site 🙂

  5. Daniel said

    interesting words to describe how we can all become the face we show the world and lose touch with our inner being. Applies to anyone and anything. Very well written and with feeling

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