Tales from the table

May 6, 2007

Ah Saturday!

Since the start of this week, I told myself for goodness sake please tidy up my desk. It’s riddled with papers and tiny handbooks and snacks and what not. But somehow I get by each day not even the least bit bothered by how messy and disorganised it is; then again this is not the first week I kept reminding myself to clear it either hah!

It’s now cluttered to the point where the area of the exposed wood of the table is really scant. Papers are everywhere, cables strewn everywhere, and bits of chocolate-wrap foil shining through. Pig.

It’s no fun clearing up the table myself, so I thought I’d turn it into some kind of entertainment. This is gonna be some junk-by-junk analysis of the task. On with the show!

1. Old phone bill which is already mashed up beyond recognition. Trash.

2. Okie, my scrunched up phone bill has just bounced outta my trash bin. Time to empty the trash.

3. A copy of customer’s satisfaction survey from some car dealer. Has the usual stuff like “How did you obtain your new car?”, “How satisfied were you with the salesperson?”, etc etc. I thought since I have no intent of entertaining it and am about to trash it anyway so why don’t i make a mock reply instead for my own amusement.

Q. How did you obtain your new car? I walked in and told them I have a bomb.

Q. How satisfied were you with the service? Very, I got a car at no cost. Plus the staff kept urging me to take the car as soon as possible and don’t bother with payment.

Q.  Would you recommend us to your family and friends? Sure, but they’d have to bring their own bomb. I dropped the one I was carrying earlier into a puddle of water and the paint got washed off the styrofoam.

Q. Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience in purchasing and taking delivery of your new car? Pretty good. Next time please peel the price tag off the car for me thanks.

Hahahahah!! Oops. I should get back to what I was doing.

4. My stack of course modules. I’ll put them aside for later.

5. A letter from some insurance company offering cover for medical professionals. I’ll worry about covering my arse later.

6. A little small notebook that I used to jot down important notes during lectures/classes/etc. Flipped the pages and saw a myriad of stuffs. Some pages with good handwriting (must be the days where I thought I could save the world), bad handwriting (the days where I resign to letting someone else save the world instead), and lotsa cartoons that I have drawn. I realised that half of the drawings that I have were actually poking fun at my tutors/lecturers. I must be really bored then.

7. A thick handout that I have printed regarding a variety of skin disorders that I was supposed to read about but have yet to. How does one know if I had read through a handout or not? Simple – this handout has yet to be artistically defaced by my doodlings.

8. Found a strip of funny pig stickers. I meant to paste some on my ID badge and stethescope except my patients may not take me seriously.

9. My mobile phone charger with the cable all wrapped up around it. I grabbed it quickly and suddenly my desk phone came flying towards me. The charger cable got tangled with my phone coil. Lesson learnt here. Primary prevention: Must keep cables neat and tidy. Secondary prevention: Don’t pull at anything with cables too quickly, you’ll never guess what may come flying after.

10. I found a toy car! It’s a free gift with a meal set from McDonalds. It’s been parked under my stack of papers.

11. Hmm…a small packet of spare buttons. It definitely came together with one of the shirts that I bought. Stared at the buttons for 3 minutes and still doesn’t ring a bell to which shirt it belongs to.

12. A container filled with banana snacks. Looks weird, tastes weirder. I’ll clear it later.

13. I found this really nice desktop calendar. Each page has a specific type of flower to accompany each virtue it describes. Just what I needed.

14. Ehh…the calendar is actually for the year 2005. But I think the pictures are nice so I’ll keep it on my desktop.

15. This stack of blank recordable DVDs that I bought just a few months ago. My laptop’s hard drive was lacking space due to the massive amount of memory space used to store my anime so I thought it’d be a good idea to cram all the episodes into DVDs. I kept putting off burning the episodes onto DVDs as I was too lazy to wait around for it to be done, so the idea is always re-queued at the back of my head each time. One day I bought this new computer game and was so eager to free some space to install it that in my haste I deleted all my anime episodes. I thought OH CRAP there goes my anime, but I consoled myself saying that I could always re-download the episodes and burn them on DVD. Being the anime fan that I am, I re-downloaded the entire series…THEN I realised that my CD-ROM is NOT a DVD burner. What an idiot.

16.  More papers. Some of them dated back to my first year of uni. I’m seriously lacking space to keep them all in so I think I’ll take them out and dump them all into the recycling bin.

17. Oh gawd, one mini ball of tangled and knotted cables. I didn’t realise my USB mouse cable is entangled with my headset’s dual lines, which is tangled up with my webcam cable, which is  further entangled with my power cord and also my cable for the external CD-ROM. To untangle I’d have to unplug everything, which is a hassle at the moment. I’m gonna take the Zen approach and let it be. Inner calmness is the key. To be honest I’m just plain lazy.

18. My mug. Suddenly I have this craving for a mug of hot milk tea. It’s raining outside and it’s fairly chilly tonight. I think I should just make myself a nice cup of hot drink and go hide under the blanket. Sounds good.

Well at least I could see more of the wood finishing showing through now that my desk is half cleared. I thought, since I intend to do some paperwork tomorrow anyway so it’s bound to get untidy again. So for practical reasons (really?) I’m leaving my desk as it is for now. Feels great to revert back to doing nothing but relaxing on a weekday, hah.

‘Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now’- Anonymous


4 Responses to “Tales from the table”

  1. Q said

    ‘Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow’ – Somebody or ‘Why pack today when you can pack tomorrow’ – Me ….anyway its 3 days have you packed yet?

  2. You mean my table? Nope.

  3. I dont know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    …..Frank Scurley

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